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MisFiT City Forum
Lounge around with a bunch of MisFiTs, a cup of coffee or your favorite relaxing drink, and partake in many of the conversations throughout The City. Converse freely, opine your thoughts, sound off... find your inner soapbox and shout from the the roof tops at MisFiT City.

Say NO to MSG
Monosodium Glutamate is a flavor enhancer which causes reactions in some people. What people aren't aware of is it also causes long-term ailments which affect everyone. With over 80 other ingredients which have been introduced into our entire food industry, this threat cannot continue to go unnoticed any longer. is Dedicated to the Public Awareness of Monosodium Glutamate and other Excitotoxins.



About us

Ok, first thing. Concerning our age difference. Sassafras is younger than me. Some people have been trying to figure it out.


Sassafras and I met in a car show in Ionia, MI. in 1997. We instantly fell in love and lived happily ever after. Well, something like that. I was selling sterling silver jewelry and decals and Sass was selling her own wire wrapped jewelry. I chewed her out because her pricing structure sucked. [Sounds like Mick is griping, but he is serious. I priced my jewelry so low Mick could purchase it for re-sell and make a good profit. My pricing brought new meaning to the phrase, "Starving Artist."]  We did manage to do a little commerce and she did change her pricing structure and we did continue to bump into each other throughout the summer of 1997. By 1998, we were talking about being an item and decided to put our businesses and lives together. On July 8, 1998, we rode the motorcycle most of the night and decided to go to my home (which was a travel trailer I was living in and pulling from show to show) in the morning. Except for two weeks in the fall of 1998, when Sass was in college and I went to York, PA and then Myrtle Beach, SC for motorcycle shows, we have been 24/7 and liking it.


Sassafras is a mixed media artist. I do not know what type of art she cannot do. I do know that any that she tries she does well. A couple of examples; for the first couple of years we were together, I did most of the cooking. I am being honest when I tell you she couldn't cook a lick, though she was willing to try. [Now wait a minute! I have to say that I wasn't that bad of a cook. I just needed more time to develop my cooking talent... and stop needless flavor experiments.] I suggested one day that she approach cooking like an art and she did. Sass, today, is one of the best and most innovative cooks I have ever known. I consider myself a good cook, but not an artist like Sass is.

Another example is we registered our first domain in the summer of 2003 and hired a couple of morons to build us a site. Anybody that went to our site for the next 15 months, know why I call them a couple of morons. Anyway, Sass decided to approach web building as an artist. Our main website is the results of that effort. [Mackinac Coast is currently our most recent website.] She has built the whole thing from scratch and I think she deserves a round of applause. Let's hear it for the 'Sassafras' (crowd roaring in the background). [Ohhh, Pshaw!! If you haven't been able to figure it out yet, Mick is the sycophant.]

I thank the Gods daily for Sassafras becoming part of my life. If she has entered your life in any way, you should thank them as well.

Now, concerning me. Besides being 6'4", quite muscular, with a full head of hair and charm to give away, I am quite handsome and known to be modest as well. Well, maybe in my dreams. [He is a lavishly sexy guy with a ton of class, despite all the hype you just read.] I am an ex-serious guy that left corporate America to become the Boss MisFiT. Some of my favorite things are Ron White, the comedian, NAFTA, people who burp in public, watching HOG members trying to be bikers, being a misfit, fishing (I kill them and eat them, ain't no catch and release with me), my grand kids, Jelly Bellies and chocolate almond ice cream [which have been eliminated from Mick's diet since he found out he is diabetic], movies that make me cry [and laugh hysterically], good authors, the "mute" button, West Michigan in the summer, [St. Ignace all year 'round], witty people, watermelon, live cows and dead chickens (we don't eat beef, but will eat a dead chicken or turkey), [all the buffalo that can fit into our new freezer], and a lot of other things.  Sass and I sell sterling silver jewelry, sunglasses and goggles in motorcycle shows across the nation. If you ever see us, stop and say "Hey"!

We are members of the Bahá'í Faith. Just click on it to find out more, if you would like to. I have been a Bahá'í since 1978 and Sassafras declared in 1999. We love to teach the principles as we work and travel around the US. We consider ourselves deliverers of hope in a seemingly hopeless world.

We also are active bigfoot hunters/researchers [which you can read more about at our forum]. We have spent most of our time pursuing this in Michigan, where there is an active colony of bigfeet. What? You don't believe? Oh, well.

Hey, check our links to some of our favorite places we go to on the web. Also check out the gallery. We would also like you to go to our forum and participate - [conversation required.] And of course, you can email us anytime about anything. I answer 100% of my emails, 90% of the time. [And I answer most all my email almost all the time.]

Written by Mick
with [Clarification by Sassafras]